Commercial Questions:
Q1:How do we get to the factory of Eternit Guangzhou Building Systems Co., Ltd.
Q2: What are “Eterpan”?
Q3: How long has Eternit Guangzhou been producing “Eterpan” and “Eternit”reinforced fibre cement boards?
Q4: Where can I buy “Eterpan” and “Eternit”fibre cement boards?
Q5: How do I tell if what I buy is the genuine “Eterpan” and “Eternit”fibre cement boards?
Q6: Do you have QC pass or test reports? Who should I contact for these documents?
Q7: How do we get technical support and service from Eternit Guangzhou?
Q8: What is the life cycle of “Eterpan” and “Eternit”fibre cement boards?
Technical Questions:
Q1:How do we choose from series of products of Eternit Guangzhou?
Q2:What are the advantages of Jiamei and Jialai boards? How shall they be installed?
Q3:Can Jiamei HD and Jialai boards be applied to interior decoration?
Q4:How can we benefit from the application of Eterpan Siding?
Q5:Can Siding be mounted without profiles?
Q6:How should we choose from Eterpan for interior applications?
Q7:What are the considerations for interior applications?
Q8:Does Eterpan partition wall system have better sound-proof performance than conventional brick and mortar wall?