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We are looking forward to having more people who share our vision and passion to join our team.

Eternit Guangzhou looks for, finds and develops top talent. We give ambitious employees many opportunities to further develop their careers. We work hard to buid up high performance corporate culture in every department within the company.

Eternit Guangzhou pays high attention to professional knowledge.



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 Wages and benefits:

Insurance: Retirement insurance,medical insurance,unemployment insurance,maternity insurance,industrial injury insurance and housing fund;Allowance:Birthday Allowance,Mid-Autumn Festival Allowance,and Spring Festival Allowance;Holiday:The legal holidays,paid annual leaves;Activities:Trade union and the company organize annual trips, regular sports and entertainment activities;Health:Annual Medical Examination;High Temperature Allowance:High temperature allowance and soft drinks or herbal tea from June to October;Traffic: Shuttle bus lines between Guangzhou city and Economic Development District;Meal: Free delicious and nutritious working meals;Promotion: Promotion and salary raise opportunity for staff giving excellent performance;Training:To improve employee training system, paving the growth way for each employee;Salary:Annual Salary Adjustment 、Annual Bonus;