?Social Responsibility

To achieve our goal of “zero accident” firmly and unshakably

“Zero accident” is not just a goal. In order to achieve it at a certain time, it must be integrated with our corporate culture.

Eternit Guangzhou knows very well that staffs are the most valuable asset of the company. The safety of every staff is critical to the individual, the family and the society.

Therefore, we implement the Group EHS slogan “safety is key” in every corner of the factory and every working process.

There was a record of 380 days without industrial accidents from 2015 to May 2016.



?Charity Events


Donation for Reconstruction of Hope Primary School after Wenchuan Massive Earthquake in 2008

In Jun 2008, Eternit Guangzhou donated Eterpan boards to Xiao Yudong village in Pengzhou, Sichuan Province for the reconstruction of Yu Jiangnan Primary School (buildings in this area were severely damaged during the earthquake).


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Faced with the snowstorm, Eternit Guangzhou delivered warmth to the worker who wanted to go home

Donation to stranded passengers in GZ railway station

Since Jan 2008, most of South China and the east part of North-West China suffered from rare and continuous extreme weather of large-scale low temperature, rain snow and freezing.

The severe weather disaster was affecting normal production and life seriously. People from all over the country responded to this urgent situation and fought hard against the disaster.

Eternit Guangzhou delivered its regards and warmth to the large number of workers who wanted to go back to their hometown but were trapped at Guangzhou Train Station.


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