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solar electricity

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Eternit China Solar Energy Program

Eternit Guangzhou is on a sunny road. And you can take that literally! Earlier this year, we kicked off a major project to initiate the use of solar energy.

Basically, it comes down to this: Eternit Guangzhou installed a solar energy system that allows the company to reduce its electricity costs and protect the environment.

The solar energy project is driven and owned by the local government. In return, according to the actual electricity usage generated by the solar panels, so far 15% of total power consumption comes from solar energy.

This valuable incentive helps Eternit Guangzhou to put its CRS commitment into practice, with environmental protection as its strategic cornerstone. Imagine the environmental benefits!


Double Certifications of Workshops and Products 100% Asbestos-Free


The Only manufacturer in China FC industry which has been awarded with the BV Certificate of 100% Asbestos-Free Workshops so far.

All Eternit products have been awarded Test Reports of “Products 100% Asbestos-Free “




100% Waste Water Recycling

100% of waste water from production is recycled.

Purfied waste water can be partially used to support fish and greenery.


Waste-heat Recycling Steam Project

  • To reduce our natural gas consumption as well as to reduce cooling cost of the neighboring power supply plant
  • To improve safety situation and reduce safety risks as no high-pressure container (e.g. boiler) is in the factory
  • To reduce air waste emission





LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a tool of green building evaluation. Its purpose is: to effectively reduce negative impact on environment and neighborhood through designs. Its aim is: to standardize a complete and correct concept of green building in order to prevent over greening in buildings. LEED was established by the Green Building Association of the United States and implemented since 2003. It is listed as a legally mandatory standard in some states in the US and some countries too.

Bureau Vertias is the certification authentication unit authorized by the Green Building Association of the United States to be in charge of LEED certification in the areas outside of North America. Its Compliance Verification of Green Building Materials helps material suppliers write report on green compliance of products, announce and optimize energy consumption, source exploitation, waste disposal and other related environmental protection information during the production process. It aims at presenting the products’ contribution to protecting the environment. It covers products’ international certification and statements, life cycle analysis, composition of raw materials, material recycling, bio-based materials, which shows product manufacturer’s social responsibility and contribution to sustainable development.