Eternit Jialai is a high-performance fiber enhanced cement subject to high-temperature autoclaving treatment. It has density as high as 1.60g/cm3, features excellent and stable performance, light weight, high strength and excellent weather fastness, mainly used for exterior wall decoration and thermal insulation and energy saving system, also widely for indoor decoration.
1. Uniform color
Eternit Jialai features natural color formed by the crystallization of natural minerals. Its color is unique, consistent, lasting, rich and diversified, can satisfy various building design requirements.
2. Fine texture
Eternit Jialai surface is delicate and fine, internal plant fiber texture is natural and uniform, gleamingly and uniquely attractive, when being viewed near or far.
3. Matte texture
Eternit Jialai surface is finely polished, smooth and delicate, represents slight matte lustre and natural modern elegance.
4. Excellent self-cleaning function
When dripping on the smooth surface of Eternit Jialai, rain water or liquid would form water drop, flow away quickly and remove dust on board surface, thus constantly keep the building fa?ade clean.
5. Vivid expression
Eternit Jialai has large size, can be cut into various dimensions and shapes. It is easy to process (perforation, slotting and engraving), has excellent plasticity and rich expressiveness, providing architect with freedom for creativity and building with numerous designs.
6. Convenient for installation
Eternit Jialai installation can be performed with dry method. Generally, only blind rivets are needed to fix the board to profile, which shortens construction period and thus reduces labor cost.
7. Eco-friendly
Eternit Jialai is made of Portland cement, quartz sand, imported plant fiber and natural mineral pigment, 100% free from asbestos, radioactivity and other hazardous matters.
Thickness (mm):
8, 12
Standard (mm):
2440 X 1220
density (g/cm3):
Horizontal breaking strength (N/mm2):
Vertical breaking strength (N/mm2):
Wet inflation rate no higher than (%):
Thermal conductivity(W/m?K):