“New Journey, New Glory”Eternit Guangzhou 2019 Annual Distributor Conference Held in Tianjin, China

2019-11-15 15:08

Eternit Guangzhou 2019 Annual Distributor Conference was held in Tianjin City of China during 28th to 29th Oct. More than 40 representatives of our distributors from different regions all over China and the whole sales team of Eternit Guangzhou participated this inspiring activity.

At the beginning of the conference, background of four Etex global divisions and business scope of Etex Building Performance was firstly presented. Then we made a review for the sales result of 2019 YTD and discussed how to keep our business growing in the coming new year 2020. 

Several distributors with outstanding contributions in 2018 and 2019 were invited to share their successful experience and best practices. We held a special award ceremony for 10 distributors with excellent sales performance in the past two years.

To help our business partners to understand the applications and performance of Eternit fibre cement boards at a deeper level, we took them to visit two wonderful reference projects located in Tianjin.

Via this conference activity, it helps a lot to strengthen our distributors’confidence in Eternit fibre cement products and systems, including supply ability and technical service. It is also meaningful to motivate more interaction and closer cooperation among our distributors located in different regions as a unity.